Founder / Executive Chairman

It is both an honor and a privilege to welcome you to this amazing institute. I can assure each and every one of you that you are here because you deserve to be, and because you can bring something new and exciting to this diverse learning community. What the maritime industry can offer the world is tremendous. The segments covered is wide ranging and much unexplored in this region. The latent wealth residing in this compliant rich industry is abundant; and opportunities for participating in the related specialized activities is enormous.



The history of  the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology  so far has been short but exciting. Building on a proud history of achievements through the cooperation between two maritime institutes from the Netherlands and a Malaysian marine course provider company, it was foreseen from the beginning that the format of this constellation would be quite unique and different from all others that were being established in Iskandar’s  Educity.  Through the many achievements, NMIT has consistently kept its focus on implementing its vision to be one of the region’s leading maritime education providers while meeting world-class standards.


Former Netherlands Ambassador to Malaysia

Malaysia and the Netherlands have long-standing excellent bilateral relations. Both countries are also major trading partners. Close to a third of Malaysian exports to the EU enters Europe via the Netherlands. For palm oil exports this figure reaches roughly two thirds. This makes the Netherlands Malaysia’s second largest trading partner among the countries of the European Union. The Netherlands has during the last few decades constantly been in the top ten of countries providing foreign direct investment in Malaysia.


Senior Strategy Advisor

The Netherlands’ rise to prominence as the world’s leading trading power in the seventeenth century was made possible by its strategic location at the intersection of long-established European trading routes, and its outstanding connections via its extensive network of rivers and canals. Amsterdam became an entrepôt for goods from the whole world. Even today the Netherlands is known as the Gateway to Europe. Amsterdam’s significance as a port has long since been eclipsed by Rotterdam, which is much more practically positioned for trade with Germany. The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest and the World’s number three.