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All NMIT Diploma students will be given the opportunity to undergo a 3-month industrial training in semester 7 (final semester) of your programme. The internship course aims to produce knowledgeable, skilled and experienced graduates, demanded by employers, who are able to apply the knowledge acquired at NMIT to the working world. During this period, you will acquire working life experience in the real maritime world.

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Goals of Internship

To give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a real-life work situation.

To inculcate soft skills relevant to the needs of employers.

To expose students to the work environment, common practices, employment opportunities and work ethics in the relevant field.

To provide students with opportunities for practical, hands-on learning from practitioners in the students' field of study.

To give students work experience while they are studying their chosen programme.

To provide opportunities for students to gain employment in the same organisations where they undergo Industrial Training.

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