The English language plays a vital role in ensuring that the maritime sector remains connected and is able to function at an optimal level. It bridges the differences in geographical locations by providing a united identity for the maritime sector that allows global interaction that is not void of the cultural and language differences that makes each individual unique.

The NMIT Language Centre strives to exhibit and promote exceptional language quality through the courses and events that are delivered by its trained language lecturers. The courses offered by the Centre cater to all levels and are suitable for not only at the student-level but also those professionals who are already in the field.

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The courses offered by the NMIT Language Centre are constructed to fit the specific needs of the target audience. Each course is developed to meet the objectives required and to ensure that the students will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in their performance inside and outside of the classroom.

The Centre also offers tailor-made courses as requested by clients for a variety of skills that are required of them to be able to perform as highly-skilled individuals with high competence in communication skills.

  • Maritime English
  • Preparatory English and Elementary English
  • English for Beginner
  • English for Pre-Intermediate
  • English for Intermediate
  • English for Upper Intermediate
  • Bespoke English Courses

Meet Our Personnel


Maritime English Coordinator

Zafirah Ab Rahim began teaching in the Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology in 2011. Her roles that include lecturing as well as curriculum and teaching materials designer have helped to contribute towards the development of General English, Academic Writing, and Maritime English classes for NMIT students and external clients.

Prior to joining NMIT, Zafirah was an English lecturer with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for 4 years. Her scope of teaching included General English, Academic Writing, Critical Thinking. She also has had experience delivering English training to several clients in the hotel and tourism industry.

Zafirah holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) of Human Sciences in English Language and Literature from the International Islamic University of Malaysia and a Master of Education in Teaching English as Second Language from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her areas of research and interest include English for Specific Purposes and Academic Writing.

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